Akko Neon Keycap Set

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Product Description THE PAST IS BRIGHT – This punk style Akko neon keycap set is a stellar addition to your gaming setup. The combination of purple, blue and red keys brings you back to the colorful midnight in the 80s. ULTIMATE CUSTOMIZATION FLEXIBILITY – Comes with Cherry& Asa profile(Random delivery), the 157-key keycap set is suitable for a variety of layouts including but not limited to 61-key(60%), 68-key (65%), 84-key (75%), 87-key (TKL), 98-Key (Classic 1800), 100-Key (96%) and full 108-key size, and thus offers strong flexibility for keyboard personalization. PBT DOUBLE-SHOT – Double-shot keycaps are extremely durable and resistant to wear even for decades, and the legends are particularly vibrant, sharp with high contrast. UNIQUE GIFT BOX – The neon set comes with a keycap puller and a uniquely designed keycap gift box for keycap set stock collection. FOR MX STRUCTURE SWITCHES – Compatible with MX structure switches including but not limited to Cherry, Gateron, Akko and Kailh etc. Large keys of non-standard layout & stabilizers may not be compatible. The Akko Neon Keycap Set (157-Key) Sculpted in the classic Cherry profile, this keycap set is designed to fit different layouts of mechanical keyboard with neon colors that appear to glow with intensity. It evokes the feeling of nostalgia in the midnight of 80/90s with fluorescent colors of dark and light slate blue, as well as warm red. Made through PBT double-shot process, these keys are resistant to friction, fading, and shining with crisp legends. The keycap set comes out with standard ANSI layout and large keycaps (especially spacebar) may not fit with some keyboard base with non-standard layouts. We recommend Cherry-style stabilizers for plug and play installation. Mod may be required for other types of stabilizers for large keys. The chart above provides the key specification for large keys such as Shift/Ctrl/Spacebar etc which are essential to learn before customizing your keyboard. The keycap set should fit 61-key (60%), 68-key (65%), 84-key (75%) , 87-key (TKL), 98-key (1800), 100-key (96%) as well as the full sized 108-key. Note: it doesn’t include the 2u shift key for the 64-key layout.


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