Brass Plate-Mounted Steel Plate Stabilizer

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Brass Positioning Plate GK64X Left 64 GH60 Brass Plate-Mounted Steel Plate Stabilizer Support Split Space Mechanical Keyboard Purchase notice: 1: The positioning plate is made of brass and the material is soft. We will work hard to pack, but express delivery may cause deformation, users need to straighten it manually. 2: The surface is wire-drawing and electroplating process, which cannot fully reach the mirror surface, and defects such as small scratches, stains, and dirty spots are not ruled out. This is not a quality issue, so don t mind. 3: This product needs to be used with the positioning board stabilizer, not suitable for PCB stabilizer. 4: By default, the order user accepts the above terms.



Axis Body

Standard space, split space

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