DOPOKEY 71 Keys Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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DOPOKEY 71 Keys Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard Kit 71 Key Aluminum CASE Switch RGB Lighting Switch Led Type C Keyboard Pls pay attention:  To avoid damaging PCB hot swapping sockets, pls make sure your switches pin is vertical , and you d better not using used key switches with soldering tin. Pls pay attention: DOPOKEY 71 Kit only, not including other things(the keyboard doesn‘’t include keycap puller or switch puller) SPEC 1 Transparent DesignFantasy Lighting Effect 2PMMA Organic Glass Material 3 RGB Light Palette Setting16M RGB Color LED 4 CNC Cutting Technology 5 32K ROM Increase Storage SpaceSaving Setting Function 6 Anti GhostingNKRO 7 Hot Swappable Sockets(Gateron Edition) 8 Fn Combination Keys 9 USB 3.1Type-CPlug and Play DOPOKEY Software :pls click this link: FN+TAB=Default Setting FN+Esc=~ FN+1=F1 FN+2=F2 FN+3=F3 FN+4=F4 FN+5=F5 FN+6=F6 FN+7=F7 FN+8=F8 FN+9=F9 FN+10=F10 FN+11=F11 FN+12=F12 FN+ Down Arrow=Brightness- FN+ Up Arrow =Brightness+ FN+ Right Arrow=Speed+ FN+ Left Arrow=Speed-+ FN+=RGB Effect Changing FN+ Backspace=Close RGB LED FN+A=Pause FN+S=Prev FN+D=Next FN+F=Mute FN+G=Vol+ FN+H=Vol- FN+ Left Win=Win Lock FN+I=PRT FN+O=SCR


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