FancyAlice66 Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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   video Configuration: 1.Alice layout (66 keys in total, only one B key) 2.Gasket Mount (must have sound and soft play) 3.Acrylic stacking shell (it s cost-effective) 4.Hot Swap(Uses Kailh Hot-swappable sockets and supports both 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches) 5. full white, white (white is a good match) 6.pom material positioning plate (guarantee that soft bombs have) 7.poron pad, poron sandwich cotton, PE shaft pad (bring with the sound pack) 8.32U4 master control, support QMK/Via key change (only single-mode, after all, QMK has to be single-mode) 9.66 lamp beads + 16 bottom lamps (the first step is to lower the brightness) 10.The bottom plate is uniform and fully transparent (the effect of the bottom light is revealed) 12.Double space left 2.25U right 2.75U (reject orphan keys can be installed when they come) 13.South-Facing RGB LED (backlight looks better) 14.Need to assemble by yourself, need hands-on ability (experience the fun of customization) Sound test   Note: It requires self-assembly and it requires hands-on skills This Link is Just a keyboard kit, no switches 、keycaps and stabilizers included.  


Translucent white, All transparent white, Black, White, Iridescent


No Switch, Gateron Yellow Pro, Epsilon Linear Switches

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