GATERON INK Custom Semi-Transparent Switch

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Just Mechanical Keyboard Switches This is V2 version Gateron ink transparent black( 5-pin ) The INK transparent black switch has excellent linear performance: smooth, stable, and rebound quickly. The bottoming sound is firmer.Smooth and stable. Actuation: 60g Bottom: 80g Travel: 4 mm Gateron ink yellows witch ( 5-pin ) The INK transparent yellow switch has a special dust-proof wall switch structure to ensure stable performance of the time on the switch body; reduce 15% of the process, ensure that the input strikes lightning response, helping you get better in the game.Extremely fast response, light as a swallow. Actuation: 60 Bottom: 67g Travel: 3.4mm Gateron ink red switch ( 5-pin ) INK transparent red switch has very good linear performance: smooth, stable and rapid rebound. The bottoming sound is firmer. The pressure in grams is slightly smaller than the transparent black switch. Actuation: 50g Bottom: 67g


Black switch, Yellow switch

Axis Body

INK 30 pcs, INK 70 pcs, INK 90 pcs, INK 100 pcs

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