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Timeline Pre-order starts at September 15, 2021 at 10:00am EST. Pre-order ends at October  1 at 10:00am EST. Estimated time of arrival: End of October 2021 (May subject to change with delays) Please join our Discord server for the most frequent updates!  Disclaimer This is an unlimited region-locked groupbuy Please read our refund policy before making a purchase.After purchasing, cancellations/refunds are not allowed after the GB is closed.There are no exceptions to this rule.This product can be delayed due to errors within manufacturing in the factory, or other events that are unpredictable.Please be aware of this risk. Renders are only for illustration purposes. Final product may differ in color and material.  Specifications – Profile: Cherry – Material: High-quality dye-sublimation PBT -This product is manufactured by Geekark and shipped by DIYEKYCAP Keys Included – Escape – Insert – Arrow Keys – F5 -> F8 – ANSI/ISO/Numpad Enter – 3U/6.25U/7U Spacebars Colors – Sea Salt Blue (GMK CR/Pantone 290 C) – Taro Purple (GMK CR/Pantone 7443 C) – Azure Blue (GMK CR/Pantone 2708 C) – Mint Green (GMK CR/Pantone 573 C) – Salmon Pink (GMK CR/Pantone 4032 C) – Lemon Yellow (GMK CR/Pantone 7506 C)  


All Accent Kits, Mint Green, Sea salt blue, Lemon yellow, Azure Blue, Taro purple, Salmon pink

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