GK64X/XS Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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GK64X / GK64XS  Mechanical keyboard Kit Hot Swap Bluetooth Dual Mode RGB Wire/Wireless Cherry MX Keyboard DIY kit Mini Keyboard Wooden case battery compartment size: 100*65*7 mm The new upgraded version comparison old GK64 GK64 1: Upgrade ordinary 3528RGB lamp beads to epoxy resin lamps, the light distribution is more even, heat and cold resistance extend the service life! 2: Left and right bottom lights are reserved on the back of the PCB. 3: Add light strip power supply line on the back of PCB, support adding light strip. 4: PCB has reopened the case screw hole, which is more supportive for GH60 case. 5: FN supports locking, the driver supports version 6.0, the onboard supports MAC keys, and the space supports layer switching 6: Please experience more features GK64S relatively GK64 upgraded version Added 5.1 Bluetooth module, lithium battery, side light, light strip interface, other functions are the same! Specification: Model: GK64upgraded/GK64S U+B Item: 60% Keyboard Customized Kit (Includes PCB, Mounting Plate, Case,Stabilizers, Type-C Cable) Features: 1. Equipped with hot swappable terminals, you could install the MX switches directly without soldering, easily build up your own mechanical keyboard. 2. Euipped with RGB SMD light, multiple light effects for your option. 3. 60% layout PCB, widely compatible with most of 60% keyboard case, you could change the case as you wish. 4. PCB is compatible with multiple switches, supports Cherry Switch/Gateron Switch/Kailh BOX Switch and so on. 5. Equipped with a detachable USB type-c cable. 6. Note: Keycaps and Switches are not included, you need to buy them seperately. Package Included: 1 * Keyboard Customized Kit (PCB, Mounting Plate, Stabilizers, Case) 1 * Type-C Cable 1 * Keycap Puller 1 * Switch Puller Pls pay attention: To avoid damaging hot swapping sockets, please make sure your switches pin is vertical , and you d better not using used key switches with soldering tin.


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