Kelowna Mechanical Keyboard Spring

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Mechanical Keyboard Spring Switch 16mm Lengthened Spring The accuracy error is about 1g. The material is selected from Japan Seiki switch body adapted to MX structure The rebound is more powerful than 14mm More follow the hand feel improved significantly The product is divided into 110 pieces It is normal for a spring to have a spring sound Can be improved by adding 105 lube Precautions: In most cases, manual weighing and packaging are accurate quantities The average value of bottoming pressure and precision uniform test is not a fixed accurate value Before using, be sure to scan the QR code of the package to learn how to disassemble the entangled spring


16mm 110pcs

Axis Body

Bottom force 62g, Bottom force 55g, Bottom force 45g, Bottom force 40g, Bottom force 80g, Bottom force 70g, Bottom force 67g

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