Lumia Switch

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Lumia Switch 3pin tactile switch Just Mechanical Keyboard Switch Type: 3pin Tactile switch Slightly lubing at the factory, feel contrast with MD San Panda Spring: 55 grams of standard spring (light touch) 62g extended spring (enhanced feedback) Upper cover: nylon 66 (enhanced abrasion resistance) High stability without switch film Bottom case: nylon 66 (enhanced abrasion resistance) Switch: Japan Mitsubishi F20-03 (improved smoothness) The switch is soaked with oil to form an oil seal to improve smoothness


110, 90, 70, 30, 110 pcs – spring 62g, 70pcs – spring 62g, 90 pcs – spring 62g, 30pcs – spring 62g, 40, 40pcs-spring 62g

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