Mechanical Keyboard Switch Spring

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Mechanical Keyboard Switch Spring Two-stage Extension Spring 【Average bottom 58g, about 100 pieces】 At present, the laboratory measures an average bottoming out of 58g The design itself has a bottoming pressure of 62g So the tolerance range is about 5g See the graph for details Advantages of two-stage spring: With stronger rebound, better linear feedback, At the same time, it can strengthen the sense of paragraphs, and linear paragraphs take all. Precautions: In most cases, manual weighing and packaging will be a few more Before using, be sure to scan the QR code of the package to learn how to disassemble the entangled spring If you need to take the responsibility for the damage, please understand the replacement method in advance Adaptation and after-sales: It is recommended to watch theMorningstar320review before buying You will learn about the scope of adaptation or consult customer service The principle does not support returns due to the inconvenience of spring unconventional products for secondary sales 【Video link:】


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