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Outemu Switches 3Pins Just the switches for mechanical keyboard OutemuRedBlack is linear switches OutemuBrownis tactile switches OutemuBlueis tactile (clicky)switches Outemu silentwhite linear switches work force is 45+-10g work travel is 2+-0.6mm total travel is 4mm End force is 65gf Max The sound of the key cap bottoming is significantly reduced, and the feel of the bottom will be a little softer. Outemu silentgray tactile switches Tactile force is 60+-10gf end force is 65gf Tactile travel is 1.2mm total tralvel is 4mm the principle is the same as the mute white switch, that is, it is improved on the basis of the brown switch, there is a rustle, and the stroke bottom sound is reduced


Silent Gray, Black, Blue, Silent White, Red, Brown

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