PBT SA Keycaps

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PBT SA Keycaps XDAS Highly Sublimation Canvas Large Full set of 153 keys key cap Keycap introduction: This model is a PBT material keycap, the character is sublimated, and the height is XDA height. Number of keycaps: Standard 118 keys, in addition to the standard 104+ four personality keycaps, there are also CAP supplement keys for cherry 3000/3494/3800, plus 1 ESC, 7 emoticons A large set of 153 keys 2.0/1.75/2.25X and other shift additions, 1X alt/shift and other supplementary total of 17 supplementary keys, 1.5ctrl alt two 7-type carriage return 3.0/4.5/5.5/6.0/6.5/ 7.0 space key Compatible with 95% of the keyboard on the market, please contact customer service before buying!


Standard set, Big set 153keys

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