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Switches Lube Grease oil GPL105 205 G0 Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps Switch Lubricant Lubes Stabilizer Lubricating 1.GPL 205 grease can be used on satellite and balance bar; 2.GPL105 grease can be used for springs 3.105 + 205 mixed liquid can be used to lubricate the switches, 105 can easily lubricate the switches Please NOTE: The density of 105 and 205 is much higher than that of water and the so-called WD40 oil, so they have the same weight. The same density as WD40 Kunlun is different and the volume is also different. Can not judge the sufficient amount from the capacity Each SKU is enough to lubricate 300 switches Lubrication scheme Shaft body: If the shaft is lubricated, the spring part can use 105 liquid The shaft body can be coated with (GPL 205 G00) on the inside and center of the shaft The economical solution only buys (GPL 205G00), But (GPL 205G00) springs can only lubricate the spring up and down.Do not lubricate the middle part. Satellite shaft: You can use Taiyang grease for the steel wire part The false shaft internal test can smear a tiny bit of (GPL 205 G0) It is recommended to use (GPL 205 G0) or 205 if the budget is in place (GPL 205 G0) and 205 just feel different, 205 is thicker You can also purchase 105 and 205 for deployment according to your hobbies


GPL 205G0, GPL 205G00, GPL 105, Lubrication station

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